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Westmeston Parish Council

Council Documents


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
WPC Risk Assessment March 2024.pdf25 April 2024135kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Westmeston AGAR 2022 23.pdf02 June 202311.19MB
Westmeston Public Rights and Publication of AGAR Notice 2022.pdf02 June 2023145kB
WPC Risk Assessment March 2023.pdf24 April 2023136kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Asset Register 31 March 2022.pdf19 April 2022136kB
Budget 2022 23.pdf19 April 2022731kB
ICO Registration Certificate 2022 2023.pdf23 September 2022102kB
Payments over 100 2021 22.pdf19 April 2022117kB
Westmeston AGAR 2021 22 p1 6.pdf06 June 202211.61MB
Westmeston Public Rights and Publication of AGAR Notice 2021.pdf06 June 2022143kB
WPC Risk Assessment March 2022.pdf11 March 2022136kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Asset Register 31 March 2021.doc23 May 2021254kB
Payments over 100 2020 2021.xlsx23 May 202125kB
Westmeston AGAR 2020 21 p1 6.pdf29 June 2021650kB
Westmeston Public Rights Publication of AGAR Notice 2020 21 2.pdf29 June 2021144kB
Westmeston Accounts Bank Reconciliation 2020 21.pdf29 June 202134kB
ICO Registration Certificate 2021 2022.pdf22 September 2021103kB
WPC draft Budget 2021 2022.xlsx1029.xlsx19 October 202113kB
WPC draft Budget 2021 2022.xlsx19 October 202113kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
budget 2020 2021.xlsx11 November 202013kB
westmeston pc signed agar by internal auditor 1.pdf11 November 2020784kB
wpc 2020 expenditure exceeding â£100 1.pdf11 November 2020633kB
wpc 2020 notice of electors rights 15_making_provision_for_the_exercise_of_public_rights_2019 20_ _exempt_authorities_updated_for_cv 1.pdf11 November 2020228kB
wpc accounting statements 201920 for display.pdf11 November 20201913kB
wpc analysis of variances 19 20 1.pdf11 November 20201507kB
wpc analysis of variances 19 20 2.pdf11 November 20201348kB
wpc annual governance statement 201920 for display.pdf11 November 20201851kB
wpc asset register 310320 1.pdf11 November 2020541kB
wpc certificate of exemption for external auditor.pdf11 November 20201949kB
wpc signed bank reconciliation 010419 to 310320.pdf11 November 20201326kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
wpc budget 2019 2020.doc11 November 202060kB
westmeston pc analysis of variances 2018 19 002.jpg11 November 2020301kB
westmeston pc annual internal audit report 2018 19 002.jpg11 November 20201685kB
westmeston pc certificate of exemption agar 2018 19 part 2 002.jpg11 November 20201284kB
westmeston pc section 1 annual governance statement 2018 19 002.jpg11 November 20201432kB
westmeston pc section 2 accounting statements 2018 19 002.jpg11 November 20201272kB
wpc public_rights_2018 19_ _exempt_authorities 111june19.docx11 November 202018kB
wpcaccounts2019.doc11 November 202029kB
wpcasset2019.doc11 November 202025kB
wpcriskassessment may 2019.doc11 November 202029kB
yearendbankrec2019.doc11 November 202025kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
wpcbudget 2018 2019.doc11 November 202058kB
annual governance and accountability return 2017 2018.pdf11 November 20202652kB
annual governance and accountability return year ended 31 march.pdf11 November 2020747kB
wpc accounts 2017 2018.doc11 November 202029kB
wpc asset register.doc11 November 202024kB
wpc budget 2018 2019.doc11 November 202035kB
wpc risk assessment april 2018.doc11 November 202028kB
year end bankreconciliation 31st march 2018.doc11 November 202025kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
wpcbudget 2017 18.doc11 November 202059kB
annual return to march 2017.pdf11 November 20201657kB
wpcaccounts2017.doc11 November 202028kB
wpcasset2017.doc11 November 202023kB
wpcbankrec2017.pdf11 November 2020175kB
wpcriskasses2017.doc11 November 202027kB