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Westmeston Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

Spatham Lane   &   Westmeston

Dear Neighbour                                                  

Our local scheme is part of the national NHW system in which local residents and businesses are circulated with security warnings, suspicious activities and crime prevention advice received from Neighbourhood Alert, Lewes District NHW, our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) team, FarmWatch, the Parish Councils and our own local NHW members.

The information is circulated by Bcc e-mail - your details are confidential to us as Joint Coordinators.  Phil is also Chairman of Lewes Town & Rural group of NHWs.

There are no formal meetings to be attended by Members and no fees or subs.  Some companies offer a discount on Contents Insurance premium to NHW members.

We invite you to join us in benefiting from local NHW membership - to participate just e-mail either of us.

Our best regards to you all,

Peter & Phil

Contact Details:

Peter Luckin

01273 842569

Phil Homan

01273 846175

P.S. FACT - Countrywide there are less break-ins to NHW members' property than to others.